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Our Story


Karen and Russell Payne


rip and the family

We are just an old man and old woman trying to sell some books. We have a little pink pig named Corki . Well, she may not be that little . Lol We also have an ugly little Corgi named Rip. I never know if I should look in his blue eye or his brown eye when I’m talking to him. Our other 2 dogs are Thunder and Sam. I wont tell you why we named him Thunder lol but Sam got his name from my movie star crush Sam Hueghan. You may have seen him in my favorite show Outlander. Pretty sure I am on his watch list. 

We have 2 girls and 2 boys and 2 little granddaughters. Anyone who says you don’t have a favorite is lying. Everyone knows our little grand babies are the favorites. They call us Gigi and Pop Pop.

Paper Pages Bookstore was born in 2018, right on Grand Street. The building we are in is the oldest building on the street. My husband says it for sure was around during the dust bowl because when he was cleaning out the attic he had to carry down that ladder about 1500 lbs of dust. That could be an exaggeration but he says, “its not”



Seriously though, we love our community, and all of our loyal and supportive customers. It is our goal to provide the best possible service and to make every single person who opens our little old door and rings that bell feel welcome and at home. We have a sign hanging outside that says, Sit, Relax, Enjoy and that’s what we want you to do when you visit our store. 

This store was created with YOU ( the book reader ) in mind. Being a book reader myself I have tried to keep in mind what I would like in a bookstore, and we have tried to create that space and experience. We chose to open a bookstore because we thought that would be a positive community building business.  Please visit our community page to see all the ways we have been fortunate enough to give back.

So come on down to Paper Pages Bookstore and see what we are all about. You might even catch our pink little pig in here, but probably not, turns out she is a book eater verses a book reader. We are working on that.  Hope to see you soon. 

***We are Members of the Following

ABA ( American Booksellers Assoc.)

MPIBA (Mountain and Plains Independent Booksellers Assoc)

Crescent Chamber of Commerce

Guthrie Chamber of Commerce

Friends of the Library OKC

Frontier Country Museum Member